You’ve Graduated, Now What?

It’s that time of year. Thousands of students are graduating in a myriad of courses. How do you get a job? How do you stand out?

Australian students are entering the limbo period, where they have a degree, but need a job. Some students aren’t necessarily ready to dive headlong into full-time work. The uni lifestyle doesn’t prepare you for that. But at the same time, solely working your part-time retail job feels like you’re moving backwards. Uni’s always have employability days and workshops, where you learn how to interview and write your resume. But the difference between you and all the other candidates applying for a job could be a lot bigger…

Although the idea of study may seem comical to those who have just finished a four-year degree, an online diploma can get you ahead, while giving you time off. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics more people are studying than ever before, decreasing the likelihood of landing that ideal job from the get go.

National Training are in the top quartile of Australian online training companies, with a completion rate of 60%. The flexibility of online diplomas gives you that head start or leg up, with payment options and the content being entirely online, giving students a choice in study hours, and being able to mould it around other commitments. Over 10,000 have chosen National Training , they’re proud of the contact they keep with students in order to improve their work skills or develop their career opportunities.

If you are struggling to find employment, or are planning on having a post-gap year, why not enrol in an online diploma and bulk up your qualifications in your spare time?

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