How To: Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Your CV is the key to getting your foot in the door, but a cover letter is what lands the interview. And they’re tricky to write, because you want to make yourself stand out and play up your skillset, but you’ll want to avoid coming off as arrogant.

National Training’s main goal is to help you succeed in your chosen industry and as such, we’ve put together a few secrets to nailing that cover letter and landing the interview.

  1. A Cover Letter is Not Your CV

Don’t just repeat information from your CV in the long-form and call it a cover letter. There’s nothing worse than sifting through 100 CVs for applicants, only to have to sift through 100 cover letters that just provide the same information. Instead, use your cover letter to show off personality, curiosity, and a knowledge of the history of your industry.

  1. Don’t Over-Write

Remember, chances are high that at least dozens of people are submitting cover letters to the HR branch of your new potential company. Be sure to keep your cover letter at a maximum of three paragraphs and avoid using winding sentences to get your point across.

  1. The Address

If you don’t know the name of the person looking at your cover letter, avoid the cliches. Forget adding “To Whom it May Concern” or “Dear Hiring Team,” and just dive into the body of your letter. It’s always better to address by name, but if you really can’t find it, don’t waste your ink or their time.

  1. PDF Files

If you’re applying digitally, which is often the case now, play it safe and send a PDF copy of your cover letter. Not every office has technology compatible with .docx or google docs, so save them the time converting your file and just use a PDF.

  1. Do Your Research and Be Specific

The more you can talk about the mutual benefits of becoming part of a team, rather than just waxing poetic about your own experiences, the more likely hiring officers are to picture you as part of their team. Do your research on the specific company and tailor every cover letter for each position. It will take less time to create new cover letters than it will to apply to a bunch of jobs because you didn’t stand out to the few you spent time on.

When you’re ready to take the next step in beefing up your CV and skillset, contact National Training. We have the courses to land you that interview!


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