Why Online Study Will Take Off After Lockdown

Covid-19 has not only rocked the workforce but has changed with way we interact with education providers forever. As millions of students were plunged into the world of online education, there might be a few students who stick to the online world as we emerge from lockdown. Here’s a few reasons why below. 


More time

Online courses are easy to manage as they can be done from your desk at home. This gives more flexibility to students as they can log into their course work when convenient for their schedules. This will mean a rise of students enrolling into courses that have full-time jobs, are carers or have other responsibilities that a physical campus would otherwise turn away due to inflexibility. 

No commute 

More students will start to pick online classes for at least 50% of their course load to cut costs in transport and commuting. If you don’t live on campus, getting to class can be difficult and often cut into a lot of your day when you could be either studying or working part-time. 


Online schooling has given more responsibility for students, this means that they are control the direction and flow of their course work and better manage their time. Giving students time to go at their own pace can better their grades and improve self-control. 


Online schooling is still a relatively new trend, but we don’t see it leaving anytime soon.   

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