Why it’s Okay to be a Mature Aged Student

It almost feels like a dirty secret, knowing you are years older than those fresh 18 year olds in your class and having to ‘out yourself’ as a mature aged student. Making the decision to study after time away can be a difficult choice, but it will probably be on the best ones you make. 


Life experience

All that life experience and maturity that you have gained over the years will set you apart from other students. With the extra knowledge you have from being in the workforce or travelling around the world, the skills you gain during this time will no doubt give you the extra perspective and guidance you need in your studies. 

You have already developed wisdom and knowledge that will help you succeed and give you the extra motivation to understand the requirements of your course and open up doors to many opportunities. 



With age comes maturity. You are not fresh out of school with a high school mentality, rather a grown adult with a strong sense of self. Being a mature-aged student means that you forget the partying and the newfound freedom of leaving school, and instead gives you structure and a goal-orientated attitude, which will prepare you for life after university. 

If you’re worried about a career change and aren’t sure whether or not returning to university is right for you, don’t be scared. The advantages you have gained in that time will be more beneficial than you think. 

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