Why Are More and More People Opting for Online Study?

Online study has experienced exponential growth in the past two years – which is only set to continue throughout 2022. Whilst this was of course prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are choosing online study instead of more traditional means. Why? 

Because online learning is the new era of education. 

Education has transformed to suit the contemporary lifestyle, which keeps Covid-19 safety in mind, but also prioritises flexibility, convenience, accessibility and cost-effectiveness! 

Flexible and convenient!

Studying online means that you can tailor your learning to your schedule. National Training’s diplomas are entirely self-paced, with all study materials available from day one, which means you’re able to earn a diploma whenever it suits you. 


All you need is your computer. From there, you have an incredible opportunity to start a new career, or earn yourself qualifications for a promotion in your current career – all from the comfort of your own home! 



Studying online is also really cost-effective! You easily save time and money whilst studying online, which includes travel and campus expenses. National Training’s online diplomas offer a range of flexible payment options, including weekly or monthly payment plans. National Training even offers a ‘Try Before You Apply’ option, where you can get a 30 day free trial to explore one of the first units in our diplomas, to make sure the course is right for you!

Online studying is the future of further education, because it balances flexibility and cost without compromising quality. 

National Training’s completion rates are placed in the top quartile of Australian online training providers, with our range of diplomas and double diplomas heavily based in industry practises to ensure you are job ready, with high quality and valuable skill sets. Have a look at the range of diplomas and double diplomas available today! 

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