Who are Australia’s Best Employers?

Many workers may stake a claim for their workplace being the best, but as a fresh graduate, it is valid to want the facts and figures from a reputable survey when it comes to ascertaining which employer is best. 

Here in Australia, LinkedIn compiled a list of their best employers back in 2019 to provide insight into the best companies to work for. With businesses spanning across a range of industries and markets, there are many desirable places to work for in this list. 

Scan through, research and acquaint yourself with some of Australia’s best employers featured in this list. You never know, you might just find an employer you want to work for! 

1. Westpac Group

Industry: Financial Services 

Most new hires: Finance, Research, Program and Project Management 

What makes them unique? Westpac offers 20 days of support leave per year for employees impacted by domestic and family violence. 

2. National Australia Bank (NAB)

Industry: Banking

Most new hires: Finance, Business Development, Research

What makes them unique? NAB provides employees with two days of paid leave a year to volunteer in the community. Over a quarter of volunteers at the 2018 Special Olympics worked for NAB! 

3. ANZ 

Industry: Banking

Most new hires: Finance, Engineering, Information Technology 

What makes them unique? The bank uses its office space to pay homage to cultural events – for example, a tennis match takes place in the foyer of their Melbourne head office during the Australian Open, while a smoke ceremony is held during reconciliation week. 

4. Commonwealth Bank

Industry: Financial Services

Most new hires: Finance, Support, Business Development 

What makes them unique? Commonwealth Bank’s board has a 50/50 gender representation.

5. Lendlease 

Industry: Construction

Most new hires: Engineering, Operations, Program and Project Mangement 

What makes them unique? Lendlease gives their construction workers their weekends back by setting limits around total hours of weekend work. 

6. PwC Australia

Industry: Management Consulting 

Most new hires: Consulting, Accounting, Finance 

What makes them unique? PwC ditches a formal dress code to allow its employees to wear what makes them feel comfortable. 


Industry: Civil Engineering 

Most new hires: Operations, Engineering, Information Technology 

What makes them unique? CIMIC is doing everything it can to close the gender pay gap by making payments to its female staff after a review found a pay disparity based on gender. 

8. Deloitte Australia 

Industry: Management Consulting 

Most new hires: Business Development, Finance, Consulting 

What makes them unique? Deloitte provides its staff with tools to help them hit their sleep targets and ensure they are getting a better night’s sleep. 

9. Salesforce

Industry: Internet 

Most new hires: Sales, Engineering, Business Development 

What makes them unique? Not all jobs at Salesforce require a degree, opening up their employee pool to those who have not completed tertiary study. 

10. Amazon 

Industry: Internet

Most new hires: Information Technology, Engineering, Sales

What makes them unique? Amazon has done away with the career ladder to allow greater movement between its businesses. 

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