Where Could a Diploma of Human Resources Take You?

A diploma of human resources can be an exciting career path to take. Most industries in Australia and overseas have human resources departments, which means you can have a career from all over the world! National Training understands that taking a new step towards you educational career can be daunting, but we are here every step of the way to ensure that you reach your goals. 


Why are students choosing to study Diploma in HR

At National Training we offer two types of Diplomas for human resources. This is so we can cater to all students who come from different pathways and career points. If you already have two years equalivant of work experience or a Certificate IV in Human Resources you satisfy the pre-requisites and can directly enrol into our Diploma of Human Resources Management. National Training is here to provide you with support, so even if you don’t have these pre-requisites you are still able to enrol into our Diploma of Human Resources Management along with four extra core units with no extra costs for you. 

We aim to ensure that you are given quality education from industry experts who will get you ready and prepared to entire the world of Human Resources.  

What career options do you have

As a student of human resources, your opportunities are endless, as HR departments exist in nearly every enterprise. Here’s a few roles below that you could find yourself in after completion. 

  • Fair work Australia
  • Human Resources Manager 
  • HR manager training and development 
  • Labour relations specialists 
  • HR compensation benefits and job analysis specialists 

Why is National Training unique 

National training provides you with self-paced learning program that works with your schedule instead of against it. This means that you are well-supported throughout your course and have flexible learning arrangement that can keep you in contact with your industry specialist trainer via phone, email from Monday to Friday 9 to 5.   

How can you get started

You can get started today in a few easy clicks. Tap on the link to below to enrol now. 

Diploma of Human Resource Management BSB50320 (national.edu.au) 

Diploma of Human Resources Management with Pre-requisites (national.edu.au) 

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