Diploma of HR

Where Can a Diploma in Human Resources Take You?

If you want to find a career that is set to be in demand for years to come, look no further than Human Resources. As companies begin to refresh and restructure their operations thanks to the coronavirus crisis, human resources professionals are set to be in great demand to help get businesses back on their feet.

HR professionals can work across a number of areas that contribute to business operations, showing how crucial they are to the everyday function of companies. Whether you are already eyeing off a HR career or simply want to test the waters, here are four potential career paths that you can follow with a Diploma of Human Resources from National Training.


HR Assistant

This entry-level role is ideal for new HR graduates who want to cut their teeth in the industry. As an HR Assistant, you will be supporting the entire HR team with duties such as recruitment, payroll and employee record keeping.



Recruitment is a distinct branch of HR that focusses on finding candidates who possess the skills and experience needed to fill vacant job roles within companies. Recruiters specialise in hiring the correct candidate for the role, whether it be an executive position or working as a head-hunter at a firm, so they are crucial to business’ HR operations.


HR Advisor

HR Advisors, also known as consultants, draw upon their industry knowledge to update and revise company policies and procedures so they benefit organisations and their employees. Their work tends to revolve around the improvement of company human resources systems, so they must have great knowledge about HR-related laws.


Learning and Development Manager

This senior role revolves around designing, implementing and reviewing development programs to enhance the professional growth of employees. L&D managers either create or adapt learning initiatives such as training courses to enhance employee development and help them follow their desired career paths.

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