What to Do on Your Semester Break

Another semester of study is drawing to an end, which presents the opportunity for some much-needed rest and recovery after a busy few months. 

You’ve just finished the last of your assignments or put down the pen in your last exam, so what’s next? With several weeks of freedom ahead of you, here is some semester break inspiration to fill your holidays. 

Get Organised 

Let’s face it, keeping our lives in fine order falls to the wayside during semester. With assignments and coursework to keep on top of – and work and social life to fit in outside of study – it would take a superhuman effort to ensure every aspect of our lives is in perfect order while we’re studying. 

That’s why your semester break is the perfect time to sort all the mess accrued during study and organise it. It could be your room, your closet or even your devices – whatever needs a spring clean can finally see the light during semester break. 

Tick Off Your To-Do List 


Need to buy a new health insurance policy? Want to change your phone provider? Has the time finally come to replace that wonky desk chair? Your semester break is the ideal time to complete the life admin you’ve neglected during the last few months of study. 

It’s not only a great feeling to tick off those tasks that have been stored in the ‘too hard’ basket for some time – it can save you money too, especially if you want to renegotiate your phone bill or sell that pile of barely worn clothes on eBay. 

Move and Groove

Hands up if exercise becomes less of a routine and more like a sporadic moment during semester. 

We feel you – on top of everything that is already on your plate, exercise can start to feel like a chore. While it is an everyday essential for many of us, it can take a lot of motivation for others, which makes it even more unbearable prospect when your semester is already full to the brim of assignments and exams.  

That makes your semester break the perfect time to reset the batteries and limber up, whether that’s through a daily walk, Pilates classes or an old-fashioned session at the gym. Find the movement that works best for you, and start incorporating it back into your daily routine. 

Take Some You Time 


Productivity is great, but sometimes what the doctor prescribes is a good, long rest of both the body and soul. Given the stress of the semester just passed, don’t be afraid to take some time to wind down and space out your schedule – that’s what the break is for after all! 

Binge watch that new Netflix series, rediscover that hobby or tear through the books you’ve amassed on your to-read pile – you’ve earnt it. 

After a long semester, make sure that you take the time to recharge your batteries so you can steam through the rest of the year ahead! Tell us how you are planning to relax and unwind on your semester break.

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