Where Can A Diploma Of Human Resources Take Me?

What Role Are You Professionally Suited To? Time to Upskill!

Don’t settle for a career you despise, find a career you’re passionate about. Whether you’re looking to start your own business, work in HR or lead a team on a project we have you covered.

People all over the world are changing careers regularly. In fact, people on average change jobs every 3 years. How many of these are jumping from job to job that they detest? Don’t get caught up in an industry that’s not the right fit for you.

One of life’s scariest changes can be the beginning of a new working chapter. Leaving everything you know behind. One of the reasons people stay in an industry they despise is because it’s what they know and have been trained or educated in.

There are endless quizzes and tests online guiding you into a job that’s ‘right for you’, based on your experience and a number of behavioural and personal questions, but are you passionate about that role?

Before deciding on a career, or before accepting that new job offer ask yourself:

Does the industry, company or position share your views and values?

Often working for companies that go against a strong personal opinion can make it harder for someone to integrate themselves into the position and enjoy working for the employer.


Is it challenging?

You have to find the work interesting, stimulating even. Sitting at a desk for the rest of your life, doing dull tasks will not offer you long-term job satisfaction. Make sure you are challenging yourself and your work will be more rewarding and you will leave you feeling professionally satisfied.


Will I like my co-workers and workspace?

What are the logistical social aspects that come with the industry?

You don’t need to be best friends with your colleagues, but it’s ideal to get along and all the more fun to interact positively with them. In saying this, it can’t detract from your work. Is the working environment stale or distracting? Will you be happy and productive here? This is dependent on the industry of course, with the hope that you can find common ground by both being engaged in your newly chosen industry.

It may not sound dreamy, but these logical questions are the ones to ask yourself before taking a position or choosing a different career path. It’s also important to fit your career into your lifestyle and professional goals. Passion and interest is important to ensure your longevity in the industry. When you think you’re on to a winning idea for your future, ask yourself those questions!

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