What Does a Career in Logistics Look Like?

A career in logistics means that you will hold a crucial link in industry operations. Logistics refers to the storage, transportation and exchange of supplies that exists in almost every industry of Australia and abroad. 

Logistics roles are only increasing across Australia, as industries become increasingly reliant on outsourced manufacturing and production. This means that businesses require an effective logistics leader to ensure the effective and efficient running of supply chains. 

In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has predicted that the logistics industry will account for 8.6 of the GDP, employing over 1 million Australians! 

With a Diploma of Logistics from National Training, you too can join this industry! 

Problem solving and organisation skills form the core basis of this diploma, with course units including managing and leading teams, managing a supply chain, monitoring safety and improving transport operation systems. 

So, what kind of roles does logistics include? 

Upon completion of National Training’s Diploma of Logistics, you will have the skills to handle shipments, warehouse inventory, and be able to perform the duties of transport logistics manager. 

This also includes roles like:

  • Purchasing and supply logistics clerk. 
  • Supply and procurement manager. 
  • Shipping clerk. 
  • Logistics coordinator. 
  • Warehouse manager. 
  • Production manager. 
  • Transport supervisor. 
  • Dispatch clerk. 

Get a start on your future in logistics and apply to our Diploma of Logistics today!

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