What Are Some Diploma of Project Management Career Pathways?

Where can your Diploma of Project Management take you? This diploma is a practical qualification that can be applied to a number of Australian industries and businesses. Your options can change whether you are looking for a career in project management or if you are looking to upgrade your current position. 


You can begin a new career with a Diploma of Project Management, upon graduation you will be immediately qualified for job roles such as a Project Co-ordinator (70k). This means you will work under a Project Manager and assist with resolving issues with contractors and reporting the progress of the working team. 

Contract Administrators (85k) help coordinate and develop contracts on behalf of their project team. This is to ensure the legality of the contract. Contract Administrators supervise and manage work orders and further update the chain of command about the progress of a contract. 

Project Managers sit at the top of the food chain and oversee large projects and tightly manage time through materials and the work of their team. They analyse the project and assess risk to the company and create a unified team best suited to the challenges of the project.

If you are looking to update and upgrade your existing role you can easily transcend into a manager position through this Diploma. If you are working in the IT field you can advance your career to an IT manager that utilises your pre-existing skills and support your ability to manage a team. 

This means you can level up your position to a construction manager, safety manager or even an accountant. Project managers across all industries require communication skills, National Training offers only the best for our Diploma of Project Management. This will help you land the job and progress your career into the world of leadership and communication skills. 

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