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Need to Study but Love to Travel? Do both in 2017 with National Training

We can’t “have it all” we’re told and for anyone who’s just finished high school or decided to shift careers, the big dilemma of what to do next often comes down to the competing choices of whether to throw caution to the wind and embark on the adventure of overseas travel or stay put and pursue further study. Both these options we’ve been told are mutually exclusive with one (travel) symbolising freedom and the other (study) symbolising the discipline and sacrifice of personal time that’s a given in the 9-5 daily grind from which many of us would like to escape, but what if someone told you, you CAN combine the excitement of an overseas gap year AND the career-enhancing benefits of further study, all at the same time and for a very affordable price that won’t have you paying off a HECS debt for years? We’re not joking, this ideal arrangement is well within your reach.

Get Diploma Qualified Online for around $2,000: The World’s Your Classroom!

If you’re still reading this page, we figured you might be excited by the thought of combining an overseas (or local) gap year with further study, to take your life and career a big step in the right direction this year. Well, the good news is you can do just that through our flexible 12 month online diplomas covering some of the most in-demand skillsets required for success in today’s fast-changing job market. Even better, our 12 month online diplomas cost just $2,000 each – which compares very favourably with some competitors who charge up to $20,000 for the same materials.

Whether you have a knack for numbers and can see yourself benefiting from our Diploma of Accounting or you possess a well organised, sharp analytical mind in need of a little refinement from completing our Diploma of Logistics; you can study from pretty much anywhere in the world, just as long as you finish your online diploma within the designated 12 month timeframe. All you need is a reliable laptop, an internet connection and you’re ready to go. Imagine learning about the world of business whilst sitting amongst lunching stockbrokers in a busy café on Wall Street New York City or developing your personal leadership ‘philosophy’ whilst sipping a cappuccino in historic Rome. The world’s your classroom with National Training and when you return home you’ll have more than just good memories to share!

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Don’t Feel Like Studying Today? Be the Master of Your own time With Flexible Modular Lessons 

Sounds good so far? You might still be wondering how you’ll actually find the time and motivation during your gap year adventure to sit down at your laptop and properly study. We understand you don’t want the spontaneity and excitement of your travels interrupted by a set classroom schedule, so we’ve designed our diplomas specifically with control and flexibility in mind – by adopting a modular, lesson-based structure which means you simply complete each lesson as you go, when you have the time. Popular study tips from some of our past students include fitting in a lesson or two whilst waiting idle at train stations or airports, completing exams on cold, cloudy days when there’s little happening outdoors or setting aside dedicated ‘study hours’ for the same time every week. Completed lessons turn into completed subjects and before you know it you’re well on your way to getting that diploma before your return flight home. 

A Little Bit About National Training 

Founded in 2006, National Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Over the past decade we have successfully trained over 8,000 students and achieved an enviable completion rate of 60%, which places us in the top quartile of all online study providers across Australia. We currently offer the following nationally-recognised diploma qualifications (in alphabetical order): Diploma of Accounting, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Business Administration, Diploma of HR Management, Diploma of Leadership Management, Diploma of Logistics, Diploma of Project Management and Diploma of Work Health & Safety.

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