VET Qualifications are Stacking Up Better than University Degrees

VET Qualifications are Stacking Up Better than University Degrees

A recent study has shown that opting for vocational education is a more secure career pathway than choosing to study a Bachelor’s degree.

The report, named Perceptions Are Not Reality, and from the Skilling Australia Foundation, has shown a number of statistics that debunk the rumours behind VET and University study. For a while, many have suggested that a qualification at a university is more likely to assure you a higher paying job, but with the anticipated jobs expected to open up in the next 3 years all available with vocational education, it’s looking like this may not be the case anymore.

Jobs including trades, office work, retail and hospitality that ask for vocational qualifications have now shown a higher median income from graduates than bachelor degree graduates, at $56,000 and $54,000 respectively.

The report also showed a higher chance of graduates finding job, with 78% of VET graduates finding work, compared to 69% of Bachelor’s graduates. The newly released stats have many professionals urging students to consider studying VET instead of the hefty priced Bachelor’s degrees.

And it’s no wonder, with university fees skyrocketing, HECS debt being expected to be paid off earlier, and more and more undergraduates coming out with little to no hands-on experience, the future of a university graduate is becoming more and more uncertain.

So what is it that puts VET above university qualifications?

Well, the answer is simple: flexibility, accessibility, affordability and practical work based skills.

And if you too are looking for a way to study and grow your career options, then the qualifications offered at National Training could be for you.

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We too are urging people to jump on the VET bandwagon and secure themselves a career.

Make sure you check out the report and tell us what you think. And, if you’re in the process of making a choice for your future, check out the courses at National Training.

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