Upskilling or Reskilling? How to Make the Right Decision

In order to remain competitive in our changing workforce we must constantly match ourselves to the benchmarks set by industries. This brings the important question of whether to upskill or reskill as we head out of lockdown and into a changed working industry. 


Upskilling means establishing skills from a higher position that you would potentially like to be promoted to. This often means doing a post-graduate degree, masters or even an additional diploma in leadership to be skilled for those management roles. 

Reskilling is needed if you are opting for a career change or want to jump into a different industry. This often entails a diploma that can be easily achieved within a year, or even studying a post-graduate degree in a different field of study. But retraining for an in-demand field of work can be rewarding and worthwhile. 

Either way, the best way to start upskilling or reskilling is with a short course that ensures flexibility as you stay in your current role. This gives you the opportunity to study without the full commitment as most subjects can be completed within 13 weeks, making your career transitions easier. 

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