How to Upskill in your Current Role

How to Upskill in your Current Role

These certificates are now making it easier than ever to level up in your job.

The world is always changing and there’s a growing need to steer away from complacency by learning new skills if we’re to keep up with the times and give ourselves a competitive edge.

No matter where you clock on and off, National Training offer fantastic 12-month certificates you can study without having to give up your day job, as they’re based entirely online so you can easily incorporate learning and self-development into your busy lifestyle.

If your desire is to add value to your current role, it’s important to learn skills in admin and IT, including how to navigate the latest software so you can keep up with industry trends. National Training offers their Certificate IV in Business Administration where you can uncover how to become an invaluable team member, while developing confidence in leadership, giving presentations and creating spreadsheets or publications.

If you want to prime yourself for a higher salary or even a promotion, you’ll need a solid basis of management and leadership skills on which to stand. National Training offers their Certificate IV in Leadership and Management which equips you with all the skills you need to climb the corporate ladder, including how to set performance goals, develop and manage people, set targets, communicate and build relationships.

The ability to network is also highly valuable across the board, as it’s a universal truth that sometimes it’s all about who you know. All of the National Training qualifications have digital forums, providing students with the opportunity to interact with others completing the same course, so connections can be forged with other industry professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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