Unlock Your Potential with Dual Diplomas in Business and Logistics

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and explore exciting career opportunities in business and logistics? Look no further than National Training’s Double Diploma of Business and Logistics. Our comprehensive online programs offer you the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime, while equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in these dynamic fields.

Maximise Your Potential with Dual Diplomas:

At National Training, we have combined the Diploma of Logistics with the Diploma of Business, recognising the overlapping units in both programs. By enrolling in this dual diploma pathway, you only need to complete 18 units to obtain two diplomas, compared to the 15 units required for the Diploma of Logistics and 12 units for the Diploma of Business if pursued separately. This efficient approach saves you time and allows for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Flexible Learning with Comprehensive Support:

At National Training, we prioritise your success and provide comprehensive support throughout your learning journey. Our courses are structured around downloadable learning materials in PDF format, which you can access and work through at your own pace. Assessments are in the form of word documents, which you can submit through our user-friendly learning management system, Moodle. You will receive feedback from your dedicated industry specialist trainer within seven working days, and if needed, you can resubmit without any additional fees. With access to industry experts and support staff, you’ll never feel alone on your learning path.

Endless Career Opportunities:

Upon completing the dual diplomas, a world of career opportunities awaits you! Regardless of your level of experience, management roles are available in nearly every industry in Australia and abroad. From government and private sectors to positions as production managers, international freight managers, warehouse managers, logistics managers, and distribution centre managers, the options are vast. The increasing responsibilities in these roles also correspond to competitive remuneration packages, making them highly rewarding career paths.

National Training’s dual diplomas in Business and Logistics offer you the chance to unlock your potential, expand your career prospects, and acquire valuable skills in two thriving industries. With our online, flexible learning options and dedicated support, you can embark on your journey towards success. Don’t wait any longer – enrol now with National Training and take the first step towards a rewarding future filled with exciting career opportunities!

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