Try Before You Apply Thanks to National Training

Are you looking to start a new course, but don’t want to jump in straight away? 

It is understandable that new students are often hesitant to commit to a full course straight away, especially if you have never studied with the provider before. Teaching styles, course content and delivery modes change from course to course, making it even more difficult to ascertain which study option is right for you. 


However, many providers don’t allow you to sample your course before you enrol. Not only do you have to fully commit to the course to gain access to its learning materials, but you could also potentially waste time, money and effort if the course doesn’t turn out to be the right option for you. 

At National Training, we believe it is imperative that our students are enrolled in courses that suit their study and career needs. That is why we are proud to offer our Try Before You Apply deal, where you can access one of the first units from your diploma of choice within our no obligation, 30-day free trial period. 

Our Try Before You Apply offer represents our commitment to your education and success, as we want to provide you with the insight you need to either affirm your choice of course or switch to a diploma that is better suited to your needs before you fully enrol. 

What exactly does our Try Before You Apply 30-day free trial involve? 

  • Access to Moodle, our Learning Management System – this will allow you to see how work and assessments will be delivered to you throughout your diploma. 
  • Access to the learning materials for unit BSBWOR501: Manage personal work priorities and professional development – you will gain access to this core unit across many of our diplomas to see if the learning materials, delivery mode and assessments are the right fit for you. 
  • Access to our Resources Library – this jam-packed hub of resources provides you with reference to policies, procedures and working documents that will support both your coursework and assessments 
  • Self-assessment quizzes where you can track and measure your learning progress and understanding of course materials 
  • Submitting a final assessment so you have insight into the submission requirements and formats we actually implement in real time 


Our Try Before You Apply is not only a reflection of our confidence in our course content; it’s also showcases our desire to ensure you get maximum value out of our diplomas from Day 1. Sign up to Try Before You Apply for 30 days free today to sample study with National Training, Australia’s leading online education provider. 

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