Training and Assessment is set to grow: are you ready for it?

If you are seeing a change in your professional life, it might be time to consider a position in training and assessing. The Australian Government’s Job Outlook has recently reported that by the end of 2017, there will be over 20,000 new jobs created in this sector, and with Australia’s employment market growing ever tighter, investing your future in such an area is a step in the right direction for your professional growth.

If you enjoy learning and have reaped the benefits of having a great teacher at some point in your educational career, then keeping that spirit of positive education alive should be important to you. By achieving a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you can be responsible for educating the workers of tomorrow, and making sure they stay passionate about learning about their future career and responsibilities.

If you consider undertaking a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, you can open yourself up to a world of exciting and dynamic educational prospects. Through the study of 11 different units, you will be able to capitalise on the experience and knowledge you already have, whilst simultaneously enhancing your knowledge in areas you might be struggling in. The concepts covered will train you to be able to lead and instruct a team, plan assessment activities and tasks, assess competency levels, utilise a wide range of training packages across various industries, and develop the skills crucial to facilitating education within the workplace.

Currently, courses in training and assessment are becoming hugely popular with people who want to teach others how to utilise practical, hands-on skills, in an environment that almost guarantees future employment. It is an incredibly crucial educational opportunity that opens up a world of prospects for people who successful gain certificates and qualifications in the area.

For anyone looking to change their career path and pursue their passion for educating others, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment opens more doors than you might have previously considered. People currently pursuing their Certificate IV in the area are opening themselves to opportunities that range from becoming a vocational education teacher to an enterprise trainer. The skills learned in a Certificate IV are also applicable to jobs outside of the training and assessment sector, with knowledge gained in areas like teamwork, leadership, and basic administration that can be applied to a range of fascinating industries. With a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, it is unlikely that you will be stuck without a future path lined out for you.

And through National Training, your Certificate IV in Training and Assessment could be closer than you think. Currently, National Training are able to offer a number of government scholarships, which means the entire cost of your Certificate IV could already be paid for. These fully funded scholarships are open to Australian citizens and permanent residents who are over the age of 18, and currently living in Victoria. With the aid of this funding, you could be well on your way to a vibrant and exciting future career in the training and assessment sector, and be at the forefront of the industry’s growth.

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