The Ideal Study Choice For Recent School Leavers

The Ideal Study Choice For Recent School Leavers

2020’s school leavers were faced with a year of chaos, COVID and challenges. Now 2021 is upon us, many recent graduates are still feeling the effect of the year that was as they start to finalise their study choices.

With course cancellations, unexpected grades and a lack of on-campus opportunities, recent Year 12s are entering tertiary education with a ream of challenges not faced by past students. Many school leavers have had to re-evaluate their study options, which in turn means their career paths will have to take a different direction that previously anticipated.

Those planning to travel for study find themselves grounded at home; students looking to complete their dream course have found it is no longer available in 2021. Others may be looking to their third or fourth preferences due to lower than anticipated marks, while some students may be putting off further study due to the economic strain they are experiencing.

In a time where study has never seemed more precarious, there is an option for freshly graduated Year 12 students to further their education.

National Training, Australia’s leading online education provider, offers recent school leavers the opportunity to continue their studies without costing precious time and money. At National Training, we offer an online only delivery mode that transcends lockdowns and borders, so students can study from home without worrying about fulfilling attendance requirements.

National Training offers a flexible completion schedule, so you can study whenever it best suits you. That means you can earn money and gain crucial career experience while you study, future proofing your finances and your job prospects.

Better yet, National Training’s diploma courses can be completed at your own pace. Forget being tied to a typical undergraduate degree for four years – with National Training, you can complete your course in as little as three months. Our course fees are highly competitive, with many of our diplomas costing under $1,500 when on sale. Compared to the tens of thousands of dollars accrued in HECS debt, National Training’s course fees provide a cost-effective way to gain the skills and qualification you need for a successful career.

If you are a recent Year 12 graduate, you can find certainty in your study with National Training. Explore our range of courses today – don’t forget to check out our study specials for a great deal on your diploma!

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