The Diploma With Endless Industry Potential

When it comes to completing a qualification, many of us are looking to learn about areas or careers that interest and inspire us. However, many students find that they emerge from their studies with a qualification that is heavy on theoretical learning but lacking when it comes to applying these skills and knowledge to a diverse range of industries. 

If you are looking for a qualification that offers the best of both worlds, why not consider a Diploma of Project Management? Not only will you be able to showcase your knowledge in your area of interest, but you will also be able to develop and enhance a range of skills that are transferrable across a variety of industries. 

Better yet, a qualification in project management gives you the scope to work across a range of industries, giving you insight into the ins and outs of each different career strand. This means a greater range of job opportunities for you, as well as the ability to showcase your strong leadership skills and ‘big-picture’ vision to a range of employers, companies and institutions. 

If the versatility of a project management qualification hasn’t enticed you yet, let us break down the kinds of roles you’ll find across these key industries. 

Construction and Infrastructure 

Many people think of construction when the role of a project manager comes to mind, and the statistics support that – according to the AIPM 2019 annual report, approximately 15 per cent of project managers work in construction. 

Information Technology 

As technology continues to advance, there comes emerging opportunities for project managers to carve out exciting and lucrative careers in IT. Working as an IT project manager could entail delivering projects for your direct employer or collaborating with a range of clients to implement new IT strategies and products. 


If you want to try something different, a career as a defence industry project manager could be a rewarding experience. Working with some of the country’s top defence agencies on projects that are designed to protect and drive strategy offers you a satisfying career direction that many project managers wouldn’t assume is within their grasp. 

Information Media and Telecommunications 

Such is the diversity of a project management diploma that you can find yourself working in industries not often associated with typical project managers, such as the media. Whether your role focusses on delivering a streaming service app or delivering a new media platform, there are many opportunities for project managers to shine in media and communications roles. 

Take the first step towards the above career directions today by enrolling in a Diploma of Project Management with National Training, Australia’s leading online education provider. 

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