Why You Should Study a Diploma in Human Resources

Ever considered a career in Human Resources or Recruitment? Then look no further as National Training is currently offering 50% off the course fee for Diploma of Human Resources.

One of the benefits with undertaking and studying this Diploma is that it’s all accessed and done online. This means that you don’t have to worry about long and tiring commutes to university campuses and spending money on train tickets or parking fees. This course allows you to study, complete and get qualified as a Human Resources manager all in the comfort of your own home! You’ll also be pleased to know that takes no longer than 24 hours from the time your enrolment is received to the time of you commencing.

The Diploma of Human Resources is a nationally recognised course, so this allows you to complete it anywhere in Australia. So if you had plans to go visit your friends or family interstate, you could take your work with you.

There are nine units in total for this Diploma which allows duration of twelve months to study at your own pace. After completing your Diploma, you will be qualified to manage human resources services, employee relations, workforce planning and workplace diversity. Some of the roles and responsibilities of a Human Resources manager include administration, analysis and reporting, training, recruitment and personal support of individual employees. As quoted on the National Training website, ‘our courses have been designed to offer those who complete them the best chances at securing employment in a wide array of fields and industries.’

Is this Diploma sparking your interest? Do you see yourself in a manager’s role working and helping others choose their own career paths? Then it’s time to consider your current life situation and career goals and start a whole new exciting career in Human Resources.

– See more at: http://dev.national.edu.au/why-you-should-study-a-diploma-in-human-resources/#sthash.E8ZmrmHp.dpuf

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