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There is no doubt that it is difficult to stay motivated during these current times. Our minds are often elsewhere and completing our studies could well be the last thing on our agenda. Feeling disconnected and unenthused about our learning can also add to an overall lack of motivation, pushing our studies aside until we decide to no longer continue them.

While it may be hard to find the inspiration to study when the world is changing around you, do not feel that you have to let your studies slide by. The motivation to complete your course is in your hands, so use the following tips to find your focus and continue working towards your study goals.

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  1. Study with purpose

Take an active approach to your learning and define your tasks ahead to help keep your study goals on track. Whether you have a lengthy lecture or an important essay to complete, question what you are about to learn, what knowledge you have already developed and how this task fits into the bigger picture. This will motivate you to buckle down and study as you will have given your learning meaningful direction and reflection.

  1. Refine your study style

Everyone has a different study routine that works for them, but not necessarily someone else. Do not be afraid to prescribe to a study blueprint that best suits you, as unusual as it may be. Night owls need not attempt to be morning learners if they struggle to wake up before midday, just as early birds find their brainpower is at its peak during the day rather than the later hours of night. Find your style and stick to it to better process, understand and retain the information you are learning.

  1. Create the ultimate study environment

Generating a special study area could be just what you need to maintain focus and motivation. Find a quiet, well-lit area that is clean and uncluttered, then ensure it is for study only, so you do not become distracted by any external sources. If certain scents or sounds aid your focus, ensure they are on hand so you can work in a study environment that feels relaxing and productive.

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Current Specials.
Check out our current specials! 


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