Social Media Marketing

How To Be Social Media Savvy

Turn a pastime into a career, and post photos for the benefit of your payslip.

Social media marketing has seen a boom in the last few years, in terms of employability. It is a growing industry and social media presence is vital for most companies and business, some solely relying on social media for advertising and publicising products or events.

The industry is getting competitive and people are wanting to be trained in social media. It’s no longer okay to be efficient with social media, you need to be a wiz at editing, scheduling and a wordsmith at creating those ‘spot on’ captions.

Due to the demand of social media based jobs, more courses are readily available. But most employers aren’t expecting applicants to have an entire degree in social media. The compromise? A diploma.

Without having to spend the money or time on a degree, of which there are minimal options in social media, a diploma can equip you with techniques and knowledge well beyond that of your typical social media user. With the flexibility of an online diploma, individuals are better able to juggle part-time jobs, or even start their career in social media marketing while finishing the diploma online.

National Training offers a Diploma of Social Media Marketing, which will instantly place you ahead of other applicants and gives you the qualification to immediately start applying for social media managerial positions. The diploma offered through National training is completely online, but still offers excellent support while studying. It is the only nationally recognised qualification of social media and marketing.

The course will arm you with the skills to manage a brand across all relevant social media platforms and advertise through those platforms in a range of mediums. You will study content such as Facebook ad campaigns and brand awareness among many others.

So why wouldn’t you become a social media guru? Millennials in particular spend hours upon hours on social media every week, you could be a year away from turning your social media obsession into a successful career.


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