Should You Start a Career in HR?

Have you ever considered a career in human resources? If you’re not sure whether HR is right for you or not, here are some signs that you may love a career in HR…

You love to organise.

Do you find yourself often writing to-do lists and scheduling out your week? Or perhaps you always enjoyed drafting itineraries for holidays. Organisation and strategy skills like this are super important to a career in HR, as you will constantly have to be organising plenty of people and plans, and you will also have to balance different priorities within an organisation, such as budgets and salaries.

You love working with people. 

Working in HR means you’re working with people all the time! If you loved working in customer service or maybe you have an interest in psychology; HR could be perfect for you.

You’re a good communicator.

Working in HR means that sometimes you are dealing with the sensitive and personal concerns of an organisation’s employees. You have to be able to communicate effectively to ensure you build a good relationship with employees when dealing with these matters, and create a culture of fairness and integrity in any work space. 

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