How to Set Customer Service Standards

Our Certificate IV in Business is focused on helping you deliver the best experience possible to both employees and clients. As part of that mission, we have a module that centers around implementing customer service standards that your business can be proud of.

But in order to implement customer service standards, your company first has to determine what service standards are appropriate and most important for your unique business. We’ve compiled a quick four-step process to setting your customer service standards.

  1. Determine Your Service Process

The first step is to look at the product or service that your business aims to provide and to map out how that product or service is delivered. For example, if you’re a restaurant, you’re not just providing a meal. The step-by-step service process may look something like this:

  • Take Reservation
  • Seat Table
  • Greet Table and Take Order
  • Serve Table
  • Deliver bill
  1. Details, Details, Details.

The next step is to look at any negative customer feedback you’ve received and figure out which step of the service process needs to be further defined for a better customer experience. If we run with the restaurant example, let’s assume some customers have negatively responded to the reservation process. Break that step down further like so:

  • Answer phone and ask for a name
  • Request party size
  • Request time and date of desired reservation
  • Request telephone number for follow-up
  • Check that information is correct
  1. Define the “Experience Enhancers”

Now, for each step of the more defined process, determine what would make your client most comfortable. Would it be useful to know the employee’s name as they answer the phone? What type of language should employees use on the phone?

  1. Write Down Concrete Ways to Enhance the Experience

In our restaurant example, having a script that employees can work off of is a surefire way to regulate customer satisfaction. Also requiring staff that answer the phone to provide their own name for customer satisfaction guarantee may be important to your company.

And that’s it! Now that you’ve set some customer satisfaction standards, check out National Training’s Certificate IV in Business to learn how to effectively implement those standards.

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