See Where You Can Go With The NEW Diploma of Project Management

See Where You Can Go With The NEW Diploma of Project Management

Whether you are running a small business or a large corporation, project managers are essential to all types of industries. Projects can be used as an opportunity for change and improvement which is why it’s important that they’re implemented correctly with a qualified project manager.

Studying a Diploma of Project Management with National Training will equip you for a variety of roles in a range of industries. Read on to find out where your diploma can take you.

Change or Innovation Manager

As a change or innovation manager, you will be tasked with overseeing the implementation of new initiatives within an organisation. This can include anything from developing change strategies to training employees on new procedures, services or products. Excellent communication and organisational skills are essential for this role, as you will need to be able to effectively coordinate between different departments and ensure that everyone is on board with the changes being made.

Business Consultant

Many businesses rely on consultants to provide expert advice on a variety of topics from finance to policy. A diploma in project management can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful business consultant. With the ability to think creatively, communnicate clearly and solve complex problems, you will be in high demand by businesses of all sizes.

Risk Manager

Risk managers are responsible for minimising the potential impact of potentially negative events on an organisation. They do this by identifying risks, assessing their likelihood and severity, and developing plans to mitigate them. In many cases, risk managers are also responsible for monitoring and reporting on the status of risks. Risk management is a growing field, and jobs in this area are expected to become more plentiful in the coming years, making now the perfect time to study a diploma of project management.

A Diploma of Project Management with National Training can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to your career. With the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete complex projects, graduates of this program are in high demand in almost every industry.

To kick start your career, or upskill in, project management, get in touch with National Training today.

By Sarah Panther

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