See Out Summer With These Study Specials

Many of us use summer to soak up the sun, socialise and spend time letting our hair down. It’s also a great time to start thinking about the new year, and what we can do to ensure it will be our most successful one yet. 

If you’ve spent your summer contemplating a return to study, there is no doubt you’ve been considered if you can afford the cost of your typical course. With some university courses costing tens of thousands of dollars, it makes sense that many prospective students put a return to study on the backburner to instead enjoy the spoils of their summer. 


Don’t let the cost of study chip away at your summer any longer by checking out National Training’s summer study specials. We want you to make 2021 your best year ever, so we’re making your summer sweeter by offering you the chance to complete an industry-recognised diploma for as little as $1,499. 

From human resources to business administration, you can complete your diploma in an in-demand industry for under $1,500. We also offer other key diplomas, such as customer management and logistics, for just $1,975.

If the summer was left you seriously wanting to supercharge your study, why not check out our double diploma specials? Complete two diplomas in key areas for a stellar price to ensure your study goals are on track for success beyond the summer. For just $1,999, you can enrol in a double diploma across human resources and business or boost your leadership potential with management double diplomas priced at $2,975. 


Just as summer doesn’t last forever, these study specials won’t either. Explore our range of 2021 summer specials today to start your year off right with successful study. Better yet, you can opt to Study Now, Pay Later, meaning you can start your course right away without worrying about paying any costs up front. 

Set yourself up for a successful summer and beyond by exploring National Training’s study specials today. 

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