How to Save and Accelerate Your Study in 2020

Want to have your smashed avo and eat it too?

Saving whilst studying are two things that normally don’t go hand in hand. Studying often isn’t flexible enough to maintain a steady job and can create debt that will restrict you and your savings in the future. Listed below are several ways you can work around this.

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Check out our current specials!

Identify your Savings Goals

First and foremost, what are you saving for? Is it a house deposit, a new car or a holiday? Identifying how much you need to save and any time constraints for the goal will allow you to know how much money you need left over after living expenses to achieve your savings targets.

How Can You Incorporate Work and Study?

Generally, if you were to attend university full time you will be required to have around three to four contact days immediately disqualifying the chances of working full time. How can you get around this? Study with flexibility! National Training allows you to study online diplomas that permit you to work full time and study, maximising the chance of you have extra cash to save.


This might seem obvious but many still aren’t utilising the benefits of budgeting. With many apps and books at minimal or no cost available why wouldn’t you give it try? This is a simple way to understand exactly where your money is going each week and help you to get to your savings goals without missing out on things you enjoy.

Minimise Debt

Financial commitments of any size should be considered when trying to save, looking ahead and identifying how you can set yourself up for the future will benefit you in the long run. University fees and loans can pile up fast, that’s why National Training is a great option for those who want to make the most out of their money with the option for payment instalment plans for diploma courses at a fraction of the cost for traditional degrees.

So, whether you have big or small savings goals it is always important to analyse where you can decrease spending and increase value so that you can live the lifestyle you want.

Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!


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