Retirement not for you? Here’s how to get back into the workplace with National Training.

If you’ve spent the majority of your adult life working, then retirement might seem like the next logical step, and there can also be a lot of pressure for older workers to step aside and let in the new wave of workers. But for a lot of Australians, an idle life spent in retirement isn’t always the right fit, and it can be fore a number of reasons. Whether monetary or just a sheer excess of work ethic, despite being retired for a number of months or years, you might be feeling the need to get back into the workforce.

After being out of the workforce for a while, you might feel like your place has been taken or usurped, and your own needs will probably have also adjusted. Before you decide to jump right back where you used to be, you might want to consider the possibility of a little bit more freedom in your life, a new role in the same industry, or a total change of industry if you are after a different work environment. Whilst you might struggle against the unfortunate ageism that pervades the business landscape, your wealth of experience and knowledge can work in your favour, as can the versatility you have likely developed over your long working life.

If you have decided to make the leap back into the workforce, then one of the first steps you should take to impress employers and surpass their concerns about your age is prove your skills with qualifications. Through National Training, we can help develop your skillset and enhance your abilities to give you a nationally recognised qualification that is certain to stand out on your resume, and show prospective employers that you are not only highly proficient, but also more than willing and capable to learn new skills, which is a bonus for any boss.

But if your dreams lie elsewhere, it might be time to up skill yourself in a new area. National Training’s wide array of courses can give you the opportunity to explore a future in a totally different area than before, whilst making sure your education is delivered in a manner that completely suits you. There can be as much or as little contact as you want, and your training will be provided to you in a way that best suits your learning style. Whilst it might seem daunting, moving into a new industry or revisiting one from your youth could be the revival your work life needs.

And if you want to go back to work but aren’t quite ready to give up the creature comforts that retirement has to offer, consider a position that allows you to work from home and be your own boss. National Training offers Certificate IVs in accounting and bookkeeping, both areas that mean you can work on your own volition and in your own time by providing services to your community. It is a great way of getting back into the routine of work, keep you occupied, and give back to businesses around you.

So, whether you are looking to return to work for the money, the socialisation, or as a way to fill your time after retirement, National Training is here to help make that plan a reality in a way that best suits you.

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