Diploma of Leadership & Management

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat with Our Diploma of Leadership & Management

Almost everyone begins their career in an entry level role for a modest salary, where the focus is on learning the basics of your industry and gaining that crucial foundational experience of working a full-time job that should serve you well for the rest of your working life. Everyone who has worked for an employer before has also been answerable to a manager, who’s primary responsibility is bringing out the best in their employees, even though it doesn’t always feel that way!

As we progress in our career paths and gain the confidence that can only come from experience, many of us also consider whether we should become a manager ourselves and take on the additional responsibility (and pay) leadership jobs entail.

Pursuing management or leadership roles isn’t easy however, with the recruitment process often highly competitive and the skills required to make an effective leader generally just beyond the reach of most candidates. However if you feel you have what it takes to lead others and are keen to place yourself in the driver’s seat of your own career, there are countless career development opportunities and short courses on offer, including National Training’s Diploma of Leadership & Management.

Gain the Practical, Job-ready Skills to Effectively Lead Others

Like all 8 of the online diplomas National Training offers, our Diploma of Leadership & Management has a strong focus on equipping you with the practical skills you’ll need to effectively manage teams within a workplace environment and inspire those under your leadership to improve their own individual performance for everyone’s mutual benefit. This 12 month course is delivered online with course materials and lessons designed by experienced business professionals who’ve fulfilled leadership and management roles themselves over a number of years. What makes this course particularly beneficial, especially to professionals who’d like to upskill whilst keeping their current job or busy parents is its flexible nature – you’re welcome to study whenever you want, wherever you want, as long as you complete all units of study within 12 months of enrolling!

What Can I Expect to Learn From this Online Diploma?

Our Diploma of Leadership & Management follows a simple, easy-to- follow structure with 4 self-contained units of study that make it ideal for self-paced learning – the method of study preferred by most students. Each unit of study is then broken down into a handful of subjects which follow on from one another in a logical order. Listed below is the full course structure:


  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • Manage people performance


  • Manage meetings
  • Plan and manage conferences


  • Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  • Ensure a safe workplace


  • Manage operational plans
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
  • Manage an information or knowledge management system

What Kind of Jobs Can I do with this Online Diploma?

It goes without this diploma is designed specifically to prepare experienced professionals for leadership and management jobs so they can take their career to the next level. Considering there are management roles available in virtually every industry across Australia and overseas, the opportunities are endless, but be prepared – so is the competition for these lucrative, well-paid positions! To get your mind going, here’s just a few example of where this qualification could lead you:

Motivational Coach:

Perhaps you can take your newfound understanding of human psychology, combine this with the practical experience you’ve built over years of working in teams and apply it into an entirely new role where your main goal is to motivate others to perform at their best?

Office Manager:

One of the more common management jobs is that of an office manager – a role where you are responsible for organising teams of other managers to ensure a particular office runs smoothly on a day-to- day basis. This position is typically found in mid to large-sized organisations and can be a pathway into more senior, C-suite roles.

Public Sector Manager:

Public sector managers are responsible for managing teams within government departments and agencies to effectively deliver government services to the general public. Given public sector services are funded with tax payers money, these roles typically require dealing with a lot of paperwork!

Retail Manager:

One of the more dynamic management roles can be found with retail managers, who are responsible for effectively running retail business, which includes meeting sales targets, dealing with customer complaints and queries as well as training and supervising junior sales staff. Store Manager roles are a close relation.

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