Project Management Is About People, Not Just Progress

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Why organisations and businesses need to focus on people management and knowledge transfer for their project developments.

Project management is a crucial responsibility in the workplace and for all organisations. According to RMIT research, on average, “organisations waste $109 million per $1 billion invested in projects. High-performing organisations, however, only let $20 million go to waste.” This is a serious concern, and could be affecting your project management plans. These results show that high-performing organisations seem to better manage their projects in the workplace compared to other organisations. The reason for this could be due to people’s performances rather than standard procedures.

Transferring and Sharing Knowledge

Organisations and businesses need to put aside streamlining processes for projects and focus on effective strategies with managing people and their employees. By doing this, it will allow better skills, knowledge, and ideas to transfer across the organisation and business, which extremely important for successful business and project management outcomes in today’s world. As the Project Management Institute points out, “formal knowledge transfer processes deliver better project outcomes.” Organisations and businesses that focus on knowledge transfer between people allow their project outcomes to improve by 35 per cent.

In order for organisations and businesses to improve on project management and implementation processes, the involvement of people is vital. One of the responsibilities with being a project manager is being able to effectively manage people – including employees and clients – which will enable the process of the project to be completed successfully.

Building a Positive Culture

In any organisation and business, there is more to hiring the right candidate when building and developing a team. Strong and successful organisations will implement various types of in-house cultures such as encouraging employees to take up new challenges and risks and the priority of assertive employees, both which link to the outcome of high performance. When organisations and businesses take the time to consider their cultural outcomes, it will especially help the project manager to increase the performance and efficiency amongst the rest of the team.

What to Learn More?

Are you keen to learn more about the relevant and practical skills needed for project management? Does the thought of managing a team and effectively implementing knowledge transfer sound exciting and useful to you? Online-based tertiary institution National Training offers an excellent Diploma of Project Management, which caters to anyone looking to further enhance their knowledge and skills in their existing role, or to learn new skills and develop a new career path in project management. For more information on the diploma, head to National Training’s website or call (03) 9674 0333.

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