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We offer Double Diplomas where the units and course objectives align with complimentary skill sets. Often there are shared units in the diplomas and by utilising these units, we reduce the work required in obtaining two diplomas. Because of this, we can offer special prices on selected double diplomas. Check out our Current Specials page for these awesome deals!
National Training processes enrolments as quickly as possible on receipt of confirmation of payment. That means you will usually be enrolled on the same day or next business day, so you can start learning ASAP. As we offer online self paced learning, there aren’t any semesters or classrooms, plus you can finish as fast you like. Start at anytime, study from anywhere! All you need to do is complete the online enrolment form, check out our Current Specials now.
National Training’s learning materials have been purpose built to support students that lead a busy lifestyle. These materials are user friendly and fully compliant, while also being interesting so things don’t get repetitive. Our learning materials are PDF’s. Assessments are word documents, which you save and submit, if you get feedback to provide more information, no problem, just open your saved copy tidy up what needs attention and resubmit there is no charge for resubmitting assessments, there are no exams, you are simply deemed competent (understand that piece of work) or not yet competent. Our trainers will assist if needed in any role plays that are required. Assessments include a variety of formats which will enhance your understanding, including:
  • Case studies
  • Short answer questions
  • Workplace scenarios Projects
  • Activities/role play
If you do not have immediate workplace experience or policies to refer to, don’t stress! National provides access to its fully simulated workplace company, National Camper Trailers. Here you will find company departments, budgets, plans, policies and other documents to support your assessments. Check out why thousands of students’ study with National Training via the website student reviews or latest Google Reviews

If you are seeking credit for the same or equivalent units that you have completed with other TAFEs or RTOs, we can apply credit transfers for these units at any time after you enrol. There is no extra charge for the recognition of credits. We will need a copy of the original qualification that clearly identifies the issuing RTO and the units you want credit for.

RPL is recognition of your knowledge and work experience this tends to be a tedious evaluation process, you need to demonstrate and prove with current (not more than 12 months old) documentation each element within each unit, you would need to gather evidence to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for:
  • Elements and Performance Criteria
  • Performance Evidence
  • Knowledge evidence.
You often end up with a game of tennis between the assessor and student as they request suitable evidence, more times than not, students don't have the prerequisite documentation required to prove competency, and end up having to do the assessments anyway. We find a simpler and more efficient approach is to enrol, skip through the learning materials and go straight into completing the assessments, you have the experience and knowledge complete the assessments and go to the next unit. Considering the extra work required by our assessors we do not offer discounted or special pricing for RPL, the normal fee is charged.
All our Diplomas are online and self-paced, with 12 months being a useful completion guideline. Many of our students have knowledge of the requirements and are seeking a tertiary qualification that relates to the industry they are focused on. With industry knowledge, they often finish far quicker than the 12 month guideline. With access to all materials day one, many skip through the learning materials and go straight to the assessments often finishing in less than 6 months. Check out our student reviews to find out more about the National Training study experience. Please be aware that students are required to complete at least one unit every 90 days.
National Training is well priced when compared to its competitors. We operate a successful streamlined business model, as we do not have a large infrastructure, classrooms, overheads or campuses. Instead, we offer a fully online delivery strategy with trainers who are industry experts as well as purpose built learning materials and assessments. We believe we maintain the right balance between value for money and equipping you with the essential skills to excel in your career and business. Explore our Current Specials to see our discounted fees for yourself.

Yes, both issue Nationally Recognised Accredited tertiary qualifications, TAFEs tend to specialise in classroom based study which is great for some learning styles, but can be quite inflexible in cost and delivery schedules. If you fail a unit you may need to wait until next semester to re-sit, plus you may need to pay more fees.

At National you can you can resubmit assessments as soon as you like and as often as required.

Career opportunities for logistics graduates span a large number of sectors and industries: aviation, automotive, computing, construction, manufacturing, mining, retail, shipping, import and export, transport and distribution, and warehousing. Job functions include procurement, inventory planning, transport and fleet management, and event management in both private sector and public institutions.
Graduates work in areas like:
·        warehousing management
·        distribution operations
·        transport
·        purchasing and inventory control
·        importing and exporting functions.

Both qualifications are nationally recognised, being developed in consultation with industry, to Australian Training and Quality Framework guidelines. Diplomas are level 5 and generally align to team leader and management roles. Certificates focus more on work skills and how to do the job.

Diplomas are often used for university pathways, granting the first year as credits thus reducing the time required to gain a degree.

As an RTO, National Training provides online nationally accredited course training to eligible trainees. National is fully equipped to facilitate traineeships for Certificate IV and Diploma level qualification’s including the employer resource assessment, trainee access to learning support 24/7 and bi-monthly trainee meeting via zoom to monitor individuals training progress.

All National Training qualifications are delivered online and offer the flexibility to complete the training and assessment around their work commitments.

Please note: Traineeship students are not eligible for discounts and the normal course fee applies.

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For those on payment plans, a setup fee of $250 for weekly plans and $150 for monthly plans will be charged if you withdraw within the cooling-off period.
Enrol with confidence, knowing your satisfaction is our priority and your investment is protected.

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