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The Power of a Dual Diploma

Looking to get ahead? Dual Diploma’s will get you twice as far.

We’ve all heard that ‘Knowledge is Power’, and that’s true in some ways. Advanced knowledge puts you ahead of the game in the workplace, as well as the ability to utilise that knowledge and put it into practice.

Once you begin your career in the workplace, you will initially be learning so many new aspects to the job with which you had no previous experience. Then, after a while your workplace knowledge will have more than likely plateaued. You are probably great at your job, but having the same daily routine can become tiresome in some workplaces.

One way to easily change your circumstance and position is to up skill or change your skills altogether. Once you’ve begun working, regressing back to university is a massive change in lifestyle, decreasing your income determines your living situation. It could also affect your social life, interrupting your weekends with part-time work.

The best way to up skill, or re-train is to enrol in a Diploma. National Training provides online courses, to avoid having to dramatically change your circumstance. The coursework is all done within your own time, an extra incentive to those who have a strict schedule to work around.

Leadership Diploma’s can see you go far in an office environment and give you the added boost to ensure you’ll snag that promotion. Leadership is an important quality in many workplaces. Human Resources roles now widely encompass leadership skills in their job adverts.

The Dual Diploma of Human Resources and Leadership and Management was created to satisfy the demand for the industry. The Dual Diploma requires only 14 units in comparison to the singular Diploma’s, which require 12 and 9 completed units.

The coursework will give you the knowledge you need to gain that leadership role, whether it’s as a Human Resources Manager or a Business Supervisor.

The enrolled students couldn’t speak more highly of either course:


“The learning being based around a fictitious company gave me the learning context and felt more practical”


“Training covered all topics that I need. Checking assessments on time helped me to complete the course quickly. Flexibility to complete all of the subjects”





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