How To: Plan a Successful Conference

Our Diploma of Business Administration prepares you to better manage your business, better prepare your employees, and optimise revenue. An essential part of business administration is planning and managing conferences for clients, staff, and professionals in your industry.

We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to running conference your company will be proud of.

Step 1: Figure Out the Conference Goals

Without laying out very specific conference goals, you’re likely to book speakers and activities that might confuse the attendees of the conference. Look at why the conference is necessary (including networking and team building), tangible skills you’d like attendees to walk away with, and why the conference is happening now.

Step 2: Look At the Budget

Be realistic about your budget and the amount of attendees that budget needs to accommodate. If appropriate, look at offsetting the cost of the conference with a manageable attendance fee.

Step 3: Plan It Out

Look back at the goals you set for the conference and identify speakers and activities that meet each of your potential outcomes. Do they speak into your budget? How much time will each event require? Can you run multiple events at once and expect all conference attendees to gain the same amount of knowledge?

Step 4: Location, Location, Location

Choose a venue that is centrally located to alleviate some of the travel costs for your attendees. Work with venue managers to assure that the site meets all of your needs and the needs of conference-goers.

Step 5: Execution

Preparedness is 80% of the battle in business administration. This is even more true for larger events. The other 20% is being present and adaptable during events.

These are the fundamentals for running a conference. To learn more, enroll in our Diploma of Business Administration program today!

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