Why People Are Choosing Short Courses over Degrees

When it comes to education, degrees and courses, people’s preferences have changed.

There are a number of university degrees, diplomas, and short courses to choose from nowadays, whether they are online or onsite. However, a lot more people are now leaning more towards completing short courses rather than a four-year-long university degree, and there are a number of valid reasons.

One of the great reasons with undertaking a short course is that it allows people to gain the relevant skills and experiences needed for their new career path in a much shorter time frame. University degrees require people to study for a minimum of three years full-time, which is an extreme disadvantage for people with a full-time job. Diplomas and certificates on the other hand only require an average of twelve months of study and commitment.

Undertaking a short course rather than a degree is also a huge advantage as it allows people to jump straight into the workforce after finishing with all the required skills and knowledge needed for the job. Employers will see value when hiring someone who has recently completed a diploma or short course as they will be impressed with their recently learned knowledge and practical skills required for the position.

Another reason why people choose to complete a diploma or short course is the flexibility of learning. Unlike university degrees, most diplomas and short courses allow people to study at their own pace and within a schedule that best suits them. They aren’t restricted to a specific tertiary timetable or calendar and it also allows them to work part-time or full-time without dealing with a hectic schedule.

For those people who are keen to get started, National Training offers a number of diplomas and short courses in business, accounting, leadership, human resources along with many other fields. National Training is an online education institution based right here in Melbourne, Australia, and caters to people of all different levels who are looking for a career change and get a nationally recognised qualification. The benefits with studying at National Training is the 24/7 online access to all diplomas and courses, as well as having the flexibility of twelve months to complete a course, self-paced.

So whether people want to become an accountant, a human resources manager, or work in the business sector, National Training has all of this, and more, on offer.

All of these reasons listed above are some of the many reasons why people are choosing to undertake shorter courses over university degrees. They allow for more flexibility, more opportunities, and better chances of finding a job in a shorter time frame.
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