Pay or Passion? How to Find a Balance

The crossroads between pay and passion is one that most people tread and aren’t eager to cross in order to not to trigger regret. Despite this, it’s a decision most people need to inevitably make. Unfortunately there is no ‘right’ answer to this, while money is not the root of happiness it is important to have a sustainable income in order to live a comfortable life, rather than living pay check to pay check. 


A simple way to determine whether pay outranks passion is to analyse your spending habits and think about what you would ultimately have to sacrifice in worse-case-scenarios. Your feelings will reveal whether you won’t eventually dislike your passion as result of what you had to sacrifice. 

A way to balance the two and make sure your passion doesn’t die or you pay checks become too tight is to harmonise both. This means finding pleasure and passion in the skills or perhaps the values of a company to create a motivated career path. The ultimate cheat code to this question is to find your passion in the job rather than attempting to attach passion to a position. 

 It’s important to take a step back and think about your career path and its potential avenues, so take your time as any decision is bound to have happiness tagged alongside. 

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