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If you love marketing and social media, try the “Diploma of Social Media Marketing”. Turn your passion into an exciting career. This is a career that can offer you a range of opportunities.

More than 1/3 of the globe’s entire population uses social media constantly. Social media is more than sharing photos of your loved ones and messaging them of Facebook. The capacity to catch people’s attention, build an online community and portray personality is an important skill set in the information based economy of the 21st century.

There are more than 500 PR firms and agencies that have either begun or have planned to set up a social media team. SMEs generally use Facebook and Twitter. Larger brands spend millions on their social media campaigns. Every brand observes and regulates thousands of conversations.

Social media marketing, unlike the general use of social media involves the elements of psychology, sociology, statistics, analytics and a solid comprehension of marketing theory.

A nationally recognised qualification shall provide you a complete understanding of the medium and the ability to develop the social media skills that provide the most value for your company. Learn to incorporate social media into a marketing strategy. At the end of this course, you shall have the key components for successful social media communications (including the creation of online marketing campaigns).

Moreover, social media is a key component of your job hunt. Over 80% of jobs are found in the “hidden job market” meaning that they are not advertised. Therefore, a personal website, active social media presence and consistent networking (online and offline) means you have to rely on recommendations and testimonials.

The advantages of a “Social Media Marketing” qualification:

  • Develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy
  • Brand and content marketing
  • Multiple social media channels implementation
  • Content development, reporting and analytics.

Careers to pursue through this qualification:


  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Specialist
  • Marketing or Account executive
  • B2B or B2C marketer

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