Online courses are future of university

Back in 2012, an article from the New York Times declared that MOOC, abbreviation for ‘massive open online courses’, was on the rise where collaborative learning events occur, available for anyone of any age in any location – as long as you’re enrolled into the programs and are connected to the internet. Following the rise of MOOC, researchers found in 2014 that online courses were just as effective in teaching and learning towards a degree as traditional campus-classroom courses, regardless of how an individual enrols and where their preparatory knowledge stands.

Intellectual curiousity at any age drives individuals to learn, but occasionally environmental situation, family or even work stop the possibility of enrolling into courses in a classroom, that’s where online classes come in handy to allow people to be in the comfort of their own home and still be able to study at their own pace. Universities in Australia appear to be answering the qualms of those who can’t get to classrooms and taking advantage of the technological changes in the 21st century, by allowing prospective students to explore online course opportunities to still get a top-quality education despite geographic and other physical barriers.

The beauty of online courses is that it allows for flexibility, has more variety for programs and units of interest, while still offering the same-level educational standards as a classroom course. Don’t expect it to be any easier though – while it is convenient to have everything online there and prepared, be prepared to be moved out of comfort zones with weekly readings, mini-assignments, group assignments and even online presentations that reflect the environment of a classroom unit, but all done in your pyjamas. Not only is it beneficial in that aspect, but online courses are also cheaper than classroom classes – from the unit fees that amount to less when compared to that of a campus education, to even commuting time and cost, so much is saved while quality is still intact.

In 2015, it was recorded that online learning was, and continues to boom in economy profits, therefore Australian universities, along with other universities around the world are just getting started with online learning. There are limitless possibilities for online education, and it’s foreseen that one day all education will be total virtual, allowing for all individuals to expand their scope through international education without being restricted with barriers.

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