Nationally recognised qualifications are in reach for skilled and experienced workers.

OnLine RPL has all the necessary functionalities for individuals looking to get qualified fast.

Not having the necessary qualifications can hold certain individuals back who have the desire to progress in the workplace. OnLine RPL is aware on the importance of this particular issue and believe that skilled workers should be able to gain a qualification in their field in a fast and efficient manner, without attending university for three years and studying for something they already know. OnLine RPL not only offers skilled workers the opportunity to gain the proper qualifications in a non time consuming way, but also up skills workers who are somewhat lacking in their area of expertise.

OnLine RPL makes sure they get their people qualified with national recognised qualifications, for skilled and experienced workers that require qualifications in order to progress in the workplace. This saves both the employee and whatever company they’re working for so much time and effort, as it creates a more streamlined process.

“Our programs are a really effective way to get our people assessed so they can gain acknowledgement for the training.’’

-John Rawlinson CEO of talent 2.

The Diploma of management, which is one of the many programs we offer, is utilized through the national OnLine RPL training program; we are able to get our people recognised for the skills and experiences they already harbor in an efficient way. Our program works effectively, due to the fact that it is tailored to test employees with skills they already have, and does not teach people things they already know.

We also offer programs to individuals that have a certain gap in their area of expertise. Organizations may want to know which workers are competent and not competent, so future workplace accidents may be prevented.

“We’re able to work with national training to very effectively, run those parts of the program that fills the gaps for those individual people.’’

-John Rawlinson CEO of talent 2.

We are able to identify the necessary gaps so we can work with the particular individuals that need to be up skilled. We can fill those gaps quickly and effectively, so the employee will be up skilled in an efficient manner, so they may be ready to return to work as quickly as possible. We believe that this is one of the utmost importances as our programs addresses these key issues, and tailors them in whatever specified program the employee is undertaking.

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