RTO’s Lead the Way as University Dropout Rates Rise

National Training: RTO’s Lead the Way as University Dropout Rates Rise

As National Training CEO Ian Oliver explains, the recent release of updated university course completion data by the federal government’s Department of Education, has revealed a mediocre performance amongst Australia’s tertiary education sector which is valued at approximately $160 billion (or more than 10% of GDP). University dropout rates are rising we are told, with the nations’ worst offending university’s named and shamed for the first time. At the bottom of the ladder is Charles Darwin University where only 41.8% of students who commenced their studies in 2009 completing their degree by 2014, whilst the best performer – the University of Melbourne enjoyed an enviable 88% successful completion rate. As Mr Oliver notes, “only 7 out of the nation’s 43 universities achieved completion rates above 75%, leaving in their wake large numbers of students saddled with unnecessary HECS debt they may never repay and diminished employment prospects to boot”.

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