New Year's Resolution

Make a Lasting Career Resolution This New Year

How National Training is helping to make career resolutions possible.

It’s that time of year again when everyone is crafting New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to bring balance into their lives; and 2 of the key areas vital to this balance are career and education or study.

However, considering the short life span of most of the promises we make ourselves, it’s important we consider how achievable these career goals are in the long-run, so we don’t give up after a few days of manic, overestimated determination.

National Training is making study resolutions a reality with their range of certificates and diplomas, where you can embellish your resume by adding an affordable accredited qualification to your repertoire in less than 12 months.

Some of the study areas include Social Media and Customer Service for the tech savvy, Projects and Leadership for the natural born leaders, Human Resources for the ‘people’ people, and even Business Admin Management for those who may be unsure of their path.

Instead of leaving for the gym to work out, or making grocery trips for healthier ingredients to stock your pantry with, you can achieve this resolution from the comfort of your own home as everything is entirely online. Being self-paced also makes it an attractive alternative to traditional uni as you can study without semesters, and even resubmit assessments as often as you want for no added cost.

You’ll also be supported by specialist trainers and mentors, which will help if you happen to lose your drive or motivation somewhere along the way.

Have the assurance you’re choosing the best platform of its kind as they’ve got a proven track record, having trained over 9,000 successful students since their inception in 2006 with a competitive completion rate.

Visit the website for more info, so you can make your career resolutions a reality today.

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