Time for a Career Change?

How To Make a Career Change

In life, it’s common to make changes as we grow into new versions of ourselves. You might change your hair, your clothes or even your home, but what about your career?

Career changes can be fraught with anxiety – we rely on our careers to provide us with the means to support ourselves, so it can be difficult to even entertain the thought of changing them. But what if your current career makes you feel as if you’re going nowhere fast? Here are some tips that you could adopt if you’re considering taking the big step of a career change.

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  1. Seek advice

Sometimes, it’s best to talk out a major life change or transformation with someone you know and trust. This could be a mentor, a trusted and sensible friend or even a career counsellor. Explain why you want to change careers, what you want to get out of a career and what you don’t like in a career. Talking about something objectively can help to shed light on the situation and give you the clarity to assess if you really need to change careers, or if a simple job change within your field is the actual answer to your dilemma.

  1. Do your research

It is easy to jump straight into a new deal when your current option isn’t satisfying you. However, with something as important as your career, it is crucial that you thoroughly research your options before taking any compulsive steps towards a change. Research current opportunities, typical duties and average wage statistics to see if a career change is the best fit for your current lifestyle. If you’re really intent on swapping things up, why not seek out someone who actually has your dream career? You’ll be able to see your career for what it really is, without being blinded by its more glamorous elements,

  1. Upskill if necessary

A career change offers the opportunity for an exciting new start, but it can also require you to have a certain skill set or knowledge base. To ensure your career change is as seamless as possible, consider upskilling via a short course or training program. You’ll feel far more confident transferring into your dream career knowing that you have the ability to carry out key tasks and identify important terms or policies.

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Check out our current specials!
Check out our current specials!


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