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Make 2017 Your Year of Progress by Combining Work & Study

A new year is here and with it comes the opportunity to start afresh by pursuing a brand new career path or polishing your existing skills to move up the career ladder within your current industry, for better pay, more exciting work, a greater sense of purpose or whatever it is you seek. Whilst the thought of changing careers or jobs can be daunting, if you possess the skills and the right “can-do” attitude to make change work for you, imagine how much progress you could make this year towards an occupation that commands full use of your skills and interests? As the timeless Confucian quote goes, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Well National Training have made it much easier for you to upskill for your ideal career with our range of affordable, 12 month online diplomas covering in-demand qualifications such as the Diploma of Accounting or Diploma of HR Management to give just a few examples.

Take Control of Your Time with Flexible, Study-as-You-Go Online Diplomas 

We understand just how busy working life can be, especially for those of us with families to tend to after yet another demanding day in the office (or any workplace for that matter). That’s why National Training has specifically designed our online diplomas with a modular structure, which gives you the flexibility to set your own pace and study-as-you-go at times that suit your own schedule. With a 12 month timeframe in which to complete your diploma, many students have found setting aside a few dedicated study hours a week or ticking off a module here and there when the kids or out of the house to be effective study techniques. The most important point is you’ll have the option to continue full-time work whilst you upskill in your own free time, taking your career to the next level!

Affordable Online Courses & Dual-Diploma Options

Not only are our online diplomas highly flexible, allowing you to maintain the security of a full-time job whilst you study, they’re also very affordable. In fact for a flat rate of $2,000 per diploma, National Training are proud to have the most affordable online courses in all of Australia. You can either pay the full course fee upfront or if you prefer, you can take advantage of our interest-free payment plans as soon as you’re ready to begin. What’s more, you also have the option to complete a dual-diploma over 24 months in any of the subjects we cover. How’s that for value!

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A Little Bit About National Training 

Founded in 2006, National Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Over the past decade we have successfully trained over 8,000 students and achieved an enviable completion rate of 60%, which places us in the top quartile of all online study providers across Australia. We currently offer the following nationally-recognised diploma qualifications (in alphabetical order): Diploma of Accounting, Diploma of Business, Diploma of Business Administration, Diploma of HR Management, Diploma of Leadership Management, Diploma of Logistics, Diploma of Project Management and Diploma of Work Health & Safety.

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