Logistics in Demand

Now is the time to jump into logistics before everyone else does…


There is an increase in the demand for logistics managers and specialist as the rate of manufacturing and production activity declines in Australia. It’s increasingly rare to be able to find an individual who is able to efficiently manage the supply chain from overseas to Australian customers.

Along with the demand for people in these positions, the remuneration for these roles is also on the rise. Making it a great time to train in logistics, and break into the industry before the rate of students studying logistics, skyrockets.

At National Training, the Diploma of Logistics is included in the end of financial year sale. You can get educated and get ahead in this field, without breaking bank. The course is being offered for $1,950, more than half the price of its original value of $3,950.

The benefit of studying at National Training is that you will receive a nationally recognised accreditation in less than 12 months, and the ability to study whenever suits you, as the diplomas are all online. The online component means you will receive and submit tasks online, however there are people available to talk to, should you have any questions.

During a Diploma of Logistics you can expect to study subjects like Set and Achieve Budgets, Manage Operational Plan, and Develop and Maintain Operational Procedures for Transport and Logistics Enterprises. The course also covers a number of communications and safety subjects.

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