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Just Finished Year 12? Here’s a Study Alternative For You.

2020 has been a crazy year for many people, but the disruption caused by COVID-19 has perhaps been most pronounced for Year 12 students.

From Zoom classes and online exams to missing out on 18ths and Schoolies, the class of 2020 has faced a very different final year to their predecessors. They will be graduating into a world that has changed immensely over the space of nine months, as well as entering a job market that looks very different to what it once was.

2020’s Year 12s will be looking for study options that reflect this changed world. Forget the traditional 4-year university degree – students are seeking study routes that have adapted to the times.

Rather than spending heaps of time and money on education, this year’s Year 12 students will be looking to invest wisely in their post-school studies.

Diplomas have emerged as a popular option for school leavers who want to gain an industry-certified qualification without costing them considerable time and money. National Training’s range of diplomas offer Year 12 students a viable way to attain the qualification they need to kickstart their career in a changed world.

Better yet, they offer students the flexibility to combine study with the opportunity to gain all-important work experience.

That means new graduates can focus on kickstarting their career while they work towards their qualification. Forget having to juggle long study hours with work – with National Training’s range of diplomas, you can combine your job with study to keep progressing on your chosen path.

Whether you are a recent school leaver or know a recently graduated student, National Training’s diplomas are the ideal study option for the class of 2020.

Discover the right diploma today with National Training’s range of industry-certified courses, which are currently on sale as part of our Christmas special deals.

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