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How to Juggle Work and Study with National Training

How many people do you know that are pushing themselves through hours and hours of stressful cramming, study and assignments, all the while trying to make enough money to pay for the ever- expanding number of bills? How many people do you know that have tried and tried again to get adequately qualified to excel and upskill in their career, but who are only left with disappointing marks and useless degrees?

Too long have we heard that on campus, full time study is the only way to get a career. Too long have we been told the only way we can excel is to switch to part time or resign from work and go back to school. And too long have students fallen under too many unnecessary burdens.

But today, we are breaking all those myths that say on campus study is the only way, and National Training is helping us do it.

In this busy world, there’s no time anymore to be worrying about finances and travel costs, travelling from job to school and back again. This society demands efficiency, assured paths and certainty.

National Training offers just this, with qualified and recognized certificates and diplomas that you can safely and easily juggle with a full time job. Why? Because it’s all completely online, and all completely up to you.

You can get qualified in areas like business management, accounting and bookkeeping, all in the span of a quick year. You can gain skills in project management and leadership, all at your own pace and your own time. Got a dream career in business? National Training has the diploma to help you get there. And this is all easily managed so there’s no need to change your current job in any way.

National Training is a quicker and a more cost effective way to grow your career, so why not try it out? If you’re feeling like you’re up for the challenge, then here are our top tips on how to best juggle that work and study load you’ll be committing to for the year.

1. Manage your time

The most crucial of all steps. Make sure you are keeping note of when you are working and when you are studying. Create yourself a roster and stick to it (this roster also should include your recreation time), otherwise you will end up forgetting things.

2. Don’t overload

National Training lets you take your time with its courses, so there’s no need to cram or complete assignments at the last minute. Keep in mind that you should be pacing yourself, because overloading will only negatively impact both study and work. If you do go over the 365 days, you only have to pay a small late fee.

3. Create positive reinforcements.

Make your study environment a good one. Working and studying is always tough, so people that are easily distracted may want to flake out. The best way to prevent this is to give yourself a great working space, and reward yourself in some way for the work you’ve done.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a break.

Even if you feel you’re super busy. Nothing is going to be achieved if you are tired and unmotivated, so make sure you give yourself that time for beauty sleep or just to binge watch a TV show. It’s the best therapy.

5. Let people know.

Essential. If people around you aren’t aware of the workload you are putting on yourself, they won’t be able to help you. Tell your boss and co-workers so they can support you as well as your partner and friends. Make sure you’re also letting anyone you live with know, so they know to give you space.

If you keep in mind these tips, then you are sure to get work qualified in no time. For the multitaskers, the high achievers and the lovers of learning, National Training is for you.

Check out all the terrific courses on offer at National Training here, and see how you can turn your job into a career.

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