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Jobs you can get with a Diploma of Logistics

Corporations across the globe are constantly looking for ways to streamline and trim away redundant processes in their business. As a result, there is a constant need and want for logistics and supply chain professionals. A diploma of logistics can open doors into essentially all industries in one aspect or another. Better yet, having a diploma allows you accreditation into a number of bodies recognized under the Australian Qualifications Framework. This blog post outlines some of the jobs available to you after obtaining your diploma of logistics.

What is a Diploma of Logistics?
A diploma of logistics is a vocationally focused qualification intended to prepare you for advancement within the field of logistics. The course itself equips you with specialized skills, knowledge and industry experience in planning and using appropriate equipment, techniques and services. It also teaches you how to contribute and collaborate in strategic initiatives, technical operations and team management across a number of industries.

What Jobs Are Out There?
The world of logistics relies on individuals ensuring that goods and services make it to their destination on time and safely. Efficient supply chain management is integral to how our economy operates and develops. As a result, you will be a key deliverer in essentially all types of business, from start-ups to large corporations. From entry level positions as the Warehouse Manager through to the Logistics Manager there is definitely room for career advancement.

Entry Level Positions
Warehouse assistant is a very common entry level position that can lead to some well-paid roles, such as a Supply Chain Manager through to the Logistics Manager.

Advanced Positions
With a few years of experience in the logistics industry, there are a lot more opportunities available that pay incredibly well.

Logistical Managers are tasked with efficient transport of products and services from suppliers to consumers. This is a start-to-finish role, which asks a lot of the managers. The potential for a six-figure salary exists with global travel to visit international suppliers.

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