Human Resources on the Rise

Choose a career in HR, with growth potential

If you google Human Resources positions, you’ll no doubt be inundated with available positions that will span across a surprising number of pages. HR is growing, whether this is due to growing companies needing to monitor a larger number of employees or because political correctness demands a mediator in office circumstances. What most people don’t know is that there are a range of roles within HR, it’s not only the one position…well, unless it’s a small company.

Above average growth is currently being identified in HR generalists, assistants and managers. For HR clerks, who keep track of records and handle data, Australia estimates average growth.

So how do you ensure you become the HR professional you’ve always dreamed of? Further education!

No need to dig yourself into debt, a Diploma can get you where you want to go and take half the time, while you spend less than half the cost of a degree.

A diploma with National Training will equip you with valuable tools to skyrocket your career in HR. The Dual Diploma of Human Resources and Leadership and Management will take you that step further, cementing your goals in becoming a HR manager, a position with high growth, and the most coveted role in the department.

National Training offers the dual diploma for $3,200, down from $7,900, they’re course work is entirely online, so while you work for that dream job, you can also be studying your way to that dream job. Study in your own time, at your convenience and your HR manager goals will be closer than you think!



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