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Is Human Resources Making Women Happier?

A Job in Human Resources could give you better Job Satisfaction

For once, it’s not a man’s world. Women are taking control of Human Resources departments across the world and according to Forbes, HR women are happier than most in their job satisfaction. Survey’s and job reviews suggest this is due to the amount of women in the sector, creating a more gender equal outlook for women in the industry.

The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand reported that 84% of those who responded said HR was over-represented by females. One response named HR, ‘the pink ghetto’. But two thirds of those questioned say the feeling of gender equality is a large contributing factor to their job satisfaction. Which is a larger number than the 55% of women who do not believe they’re treated equally to men in their workplace (Forbes).

You can’t argue that Human Resources is a great pathway for women, with many female HR employees holding a managerial position in their respective companies.

National Training offers the Diploma of Human Resources Management, an excellent option for those trying to climb the corporate ladder, but are still holding down a full or part-time job. National Training offers flexibility, where you will be able to study wherever and whenever is easiest for you.


National Training has had many successful students who have graduated from this course, and the program is designed to give you the best possible chance at beginning or furthering your career. Rebecca finished her course in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed the design of the course.

“The learning being based around a fictitious company gave the learning context, and felt more practical.”

Suzanne, however, was incredibly pleased with the flexibility of the course and the easily accessible resources.

“The best aspects of the training was the ease at which you could do it. You can read online or print the learner guides, there was videos and webinars for support. Loved the variety of the training resources.”

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